Business and Innovation park “Mežgarciems”

Business and Innovation park “Mežgarciems” – a promising new location with brand new infrastructure close to Riga to develop your business!

A new business park is being built in a pine-enclosed area by the shores of the Bay of Riga just 25 km from the capital city. It consists of 11 plots, most of which can be purchased by auction organised by the Carnikava County Council.

Plot area: 4000 m² – 11 600 m²

Plot starting price for the auction: determined based on the size of the plot – from around EUR 19,000 (EUR 2-3/1m2).

There is an auction for a plots in:
1) Muzeja street 3,cadastre number 8052 008 1577, a plot of land with an area of 0,625 ha.Starting price: EUR 19500 (3,12 EUR/m²);
2) Muzeja ielā 4, cadastre number  8052 008 1572, a plot of land with an area of 1,0562 ha. Starting price: EUR 30300 (2,87 EUR/m²);
3) Muzeja ielā 5, cadastre number  8052 008 1576, a plot of land with an area of 0,4265 ha. Starting price: EUR 14100 (3,31 EUR/m²);
4)  Muzeja ielā 7, cadastre number  8052 008 1575, a plot of land with an area of 0,4192 ha. Starting price: EUR 13700 (3,28 EUR/m²).

Full information about the auction in Latvian: read here

Registration for the auction starts from 29.06.2021. plkst. 13.00 līdz 19.07.2021. plkst. 23.59 on electronic auction site - https://izsoles.ta.gov.lv

For more information contact: Vilis Zinkevičs, email to , phone number + 371 29160310.

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Project No. “Development of infrastructure for business development in Garciems, Carnikava County” is implemented with ERDF support.

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